Photography by Mischa Haller



At the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, as you walked through the tunnel connecting Main Avenue and Ranelagh Gardens, you found yourself entering a jungle dreamscape with a canopy of exotic leaves and colourful balloons. 


By immersing you into an imaginary jungle scene, the designers aim to embrace the lighter side of life and the importance of escaping reality every now and then, if only for a moment.


The tunnel provided an opportunity to let your mind wander, letting yourself drift into a daydream of luscious plants and clouds of colour, before re-entering reality at the other end.


The installation encouraged us to take our time, not rushing to our destination, 

but enjoying the journey. 

Chelsea 2017_0587
Chelsea 2017_0567
Chelsea 2017_0579
Chelsea 2017_0598
Chelsea 2017_0601
Chelsea 2017_0589


An immersive jungle dreamscape at the

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

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Catherine Chenery &

Riot Baloons

Catherine and Fiona MacOwen, Creative Director of Riot Balloons, met through Instagram in 2016 and immediately saw the potential to combine their fields of work. "We have a shared interest in creating inspiring spaces, but using very different materials. This led to discussion about nature and the forms it can take. We saw potential to create something fun for this year's show, where we could explore the ways in which senses are triggered in an immersive installation. We both own our own companies, working individually, so this has been an amazing opportunity for genuine collaboration and we have loved learning from each other's creative processes."

Photo (left) by Mark Barrs Photography

Video by Grey Moth